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Two School girls Petitioning McDonald’s For Giving Away Plastic Toys

There is no doubt about the perils of climate change our planet is about to face. Across the globe, people are getting aware of how terribly has the human race misused this beautiful planet. We alone are responsible for the state of affairs and whatever terrible fate is in store for us in the forthcoming future.The next generations which are supposed to be tangled in wires and gadgets are the one waking up to reality. Teenagers and kids around the world are coming up with great initiatives to give our planet the last try on good health.

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Two Little Schoolgirls Against Fast-Food Giants

In the latest, two schoolchildren are gaining signatures on a petition against McDonald’s. The sheer will power to plan a petition against arguably the world’s biggest fast-food chain describes the desperation these little girls are feeling within. It was nine months ago when Ella and Caitlin McEwan launched their petition on  In the petition, the little schoolgirls are quite articulate about their wants and their concerns. With the perfect blend of innocence and concern, they want McDonald’s and Burger King to “think of the environment and stop giving plastic with their kid's meals”.

The most remarkable aspect of the story is that being little kids, who should supposedly be fond of the plastic toys they get at McDonald’s, they are taking a step towards a safer planet. They are giving more importance to the greater good and are displaying profound sensitivity at such a young age. The story has been trending on Mcdonalds news in the recent weeks and the girls have been receiving greetings and messages of appreciation on social media from across the globe.

The duo has also appeared in a BBC one program named “war against plastic” and there they seemed pretty confident about gaining more signatures and making their petition a big thing. When at the show, they had amassed 160,000 signatures and set their next target at 200,000 signatures.

Getting Popular By The Passing Day

With the sudden surge of popularity on social media, the girls are targeting higher with their signatures. As of now, they are just 100,000 short of 500,000 signatures. The girls have appreciated the media attention they are getting and are hopeful that it will take their cause to more people around the world. They hope what started as a little initiative will grow on to exert pressure on the fast-food giants like McDonald’s and Burger King to make the required changes.