How to Design Your Own T-Shirt With a Design Tool

The process of designing a T-shirt is very intriguing. To a lot of people, it is a special brand of creativity that can be translated into a source of income if the designer chooses to go commercial with the designs being made.

 A T-shirt can be designed just about anywhere and the only requirement is a design tool you can access via the Web.

The process of using an online tool to design your T-shirt is a very easy one. However, there are some procedures that are an essential part of the overall operation.

For you to successfully design t-shirts online, you must:

 Understand what you want your T-shirt design to look like. You must have a good grasp  of this even before you start using the online T-shirt design tool.

Your choice of design can be a reflection of just about anything. It could be an organization or business’ aims and objectives, a popular mobilization symbol, or just a promotional design.

The purpose for undergoing the whole customization process will determine the eventual design. Therefore, if a T-shirt is designed solely to promote a company or business' activities, it will require a logo.

This move of including popular logos in T-shirt designs has helped a lot of companies gain valuable public awareness. Also, you can choose to design your T-shirt with public domain images or personal images.

You can also opts for drawings or you could use colours to enhance the details and vividness of the drawings.

The colour you choose is very essential to the overall outlook of the design. The simple application of contrasting colours can enhance the beauty of your design.

Also, you should know how to mix your colours. You have to understand what colour will be well represented against a particular background and also how to achieve the perfect blend of dark or bright backgrounds.

You should also be savvy enough to know the design that will come out well in print. A lot of designs might look awesome when viewed across a computer screen but the eventual print will look horrible on a T-shirt.

You can outline dark colours with pastel coloured letterings. This will serve to emphasis and highlight that particular piece of text or drawing added to the T-shirt.

Also, you can choose to add depth to a T-shirt through the inclusion of dimension. This will serve to brighten the overall design of the T-shirt.

You can also add dimension to a T-shirt design simply by using the design tool to manipulate high capacity or you could use Inkscape to create a form of vector outline.

It is your jib to make sure that your T-shirt has a balanced design. This means that all the features included in the design have to be cohesive.

This is one of the things that will attract the attention of buyers. Nobody likes a T-shirt with an unruly design.