The Top 5 Challenges That Mobile App Developers Face

A lot of people believe that the processes undergone in creating desktop applications and software are the same for mobile applications. ..Read On

How to Design Your Own T-Shirt With a Design Tool

The process of designing a T-shirt is very intriguing..

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Best Digital Piano Reviews For Beginners

Are you looking for a trustworthy digital piano in the market? Many people you can find who always look for the perfect keyboard to practice, are you one of them? Are you the one who runs to search a perfect keyboard? Are you a piano lover? Want to purchase a new one and best one? Here is some of the best digital piano user reviews list for 2018, which will help you while you are out to purchase one.

Pianos ForBeginners

Yamaha YPG 235 Portable Grand Piano: If you are a beginner then you should go for this Yamaha piano as it’s the most famous one, it’s a digital piano with 76 keys. It is very highly rated in most of the online e-commerce websites and is a top-notch product.

Yamaha YPG- 235 Portable Grand Piano

Casio 61 Key Portable Keyboard: It’s another digital piano for beginners by Casio and offers a great quality output with a learning system which uses Step-up technique. It’s a value for money product and is very ergonomic in usage.

Yamaha P115 88 Key Digital Piano: It’s in the top lead among Pianos which are there for beginners as it has few advanced features as well like a CF Sound engine. Plus its lightweight and a value for money product.

Yamaha P115 88- Key Digital Piano, Black

Pianos For Learners

Casio Lk175 61- Lighted Key USB Personal Keyboard: It is one of the best keyboard piano made by Casio till now and so many customers are satisfied with this product. It has a light emitting key design which is very helpful for beginners who are learning. It has a song library which can be used for practicing and also has a sound sheet.

William Legato 88-Key Digital Piano: Its an88 key keyboard with organ, synth, 6 different sounds and bass with a speaker built inside. It has a great output thanks to its split/layer module. It has also reverb effects and controlled chorus. It’s one of the greatest pianos ever built for learning as well as performance.

Two School girls Petitioning McDonald’s For Giving Away Plastic Toys

There is no doubt about the perils of climate change our planet is about to face. Across the globe, people are getting aware of how terribly has the human race misused this beautiful planet. We alone are responsible for the state of affairs and whatever terrible fate is in store for us in the forthcoming future.The next generations which are supposed to be tangled in wires and gadgets are the one waking up to reality. Teenagers and kids around the world are coming up with great initiatives to give our planet the last try on good health.

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Two Little Schoolgirls Against Fast-Food Giants

In the latest, two schoolchildren are gaining signatures on a petition against McDonald’s. The sheer will power to plan a petition against arguably the world’s biggest fast-food chain describes the desperation these little girls are feeling within. It was nine months ago when Ella and Caitlin McEwan launched their petition on  In the petition, the little schoolgirls are quite articulate about their wants and their concerns. With the perfect blend of innocence and concern, they want McDonald’s and Burger King to “think of the environment and stop giving plastic with their kid's meals”.

The most remarkable aspect of the story is that being little kids, who should supposedly be fond of the plastic toys they get at McDonald’s, they are taking a step towards a safer planet. They are giving more importance to the greater good and are displaying profound sensitivity at such a young age. The story has been trending on Mcdonalds news in the recent weeks and the girls have been receiving greetings and messages of appreciation on social media from across the globe.

The duo has also appeared in a BBC one program named “war against plastic” and there they seemed pretty confident about gaining more signatures and making their petition a big thing. When at the show, they had amassed 160,000 signatures and set their next target at 200,000 signatures.

The Top 5 Challenges That Mobile App Developers Face

A lot of people believe that the processes undergone in creating desktop applications and software are the same for mobile applications. An even larger amount of people believe that an emphasis on what to do is enough to create a mobile app.

A lot of people even believe that the challenges faced by mobile app designers and developers are such that can be easily surmounted. If you are one of this class of people, you have never been more misguided in your life!

First, you should know that the process of developing a mobile app is way different that that of developing a program for a desktop or laptop platform. Furthermore, the emphasis should be on ‘What not to do' instead of the erroneous ‘What to do' approach.

Finally, the myriads of challenges and obstacles encountered by mobile app developers are in no way easy.

That is why this article is birthed. My aim here is to discus 5 of the challenges that mobile app developers often encounter.

These are:

How To Fit Everything Into A Small Screen

The smallest possible size for a mobile phone screen is 3 inches. This increases gradually but even the largest mobile phone screen is nowhere close to the 13 to 15 inches minimum that desktop computers have.

The implication of this is that for every content displayed on a 13 inch desktop screen, it is no easy task to replicate it on a mobile device.

Therefore, when designing and developing mobile apps, a lot of developers adopt the minimalist approach. The minimalist approach simply dictates that only the features that are essential to the running of the application are included.

Creating Mobile Applications That Allow For Accuracy When Users Use Their Fingers To Navigate

While desktop users have a mouse for navigation, users of mobile applications are only restricted to the use of their fingers for navigation.

Oftentimes, this leads to a compromise on accuracy and precision. Therefore, mobile app developers practice this knowledge by designing the User Interface to reflect this and make it easy for operation and navigation.

Therefore, the User Interface should display enlarged interaction points instead of the real life sizes on desktop apps.

Keeping Memory And Storage In Mind When Coding To Create A Mobile App

The fact that hard drive space and internal storage has become more expansive has nor made memory allocation less of a concern to mobile app developers when working on an app development project.

Because of their relatively small size, however, mobile applications are not equipped with a strong battery life, hard drive space, and a large amount of memory.

Therefore, storage and memory should be a constant consideration for mobile app developers when designing and coding applications.

Optimizing The Flow And Layout Of The Mobile

It has already been established that mobile application developers have to structure their apps for a small screen.

Because of this, mobile app developers cannot fit all their content in one screen but rather, they have to design a navigation system alongside multiple screens.

Providing A Senior User Experience

The Google Playstore is a really competitive market therefore if your app does not provide users with an easy and enjoyable experience, your application might not even be downloaded in the first place.

This is even more devastating when you realize that these users will tell their friends and relatives about their experience using your app and as every good developed knows, negative word of mouth reviews can make tour mobile app crash and burn.

Therefore if you want your mobile app to prove popular with and indispensable to users, you must hire the services of an interface and user experience expert.

There are two options you can explore when looking for designing options for your mobile app. You can either utilize in house resources or you could retain the service of an app development company.

This should preferably be one whose area of speciality is in developing user friendly mobile applications.


Now, the aim of this article is complete. You are fully informed about five of the major challenges experienced by designers of mobile apps.

However, you must note that this list is in no way exhaustive. Mobile app developers experience more than the five challenges highlighted in this article.

Why Businesses Need Their Own IT Staff

A number of smaller business enterprises often debate the use of an IT service.

Their argument usually goes along the line of; we have Microsoft Office 365 Support in case we run into difficulties, we can always find a friend who can help us fix our computers and, therefore, we do not need an IT department.

However, the mindset undergoes a rapid 360 degree change whenever these businesses are caught in a technical fix without the aid of an IT specialist to help them out.

It is a common source of argument but I will sort it once and for all with this line; IT specialists are much more important than to be limited to fixing Office 365 issues.

This article will examine the reasons why you need to have am IT specialist close buy. At least within range of a phone call.


For a business to consider expansion, some factors have to be examined. The biggest consideration of them all has to be technology.

There are quite a number of considerations before a company can be referred to as a global corporation. It is important for them to run a website and they must also be knowledgeable about business telecom.

A lot of specialists afford companies the opportunity to consult with experts. These experts have quite a wealth experience generated from dealings with thousands of companies.

If you hire the right expert, your company will be guided in the right steps that will ensure that the corporate goals are fulfilled.


It is common knowledge that IT specialists are wizards with the Office 365 support suite but that is not the only software they have experience with. They are quite knowledgeable enough to adequately run programs more complex then 365.

A lot of specialists can provide the necessary assistance for practically any type of software program.

They can help business owners to set up any type of program and also to assist in running it. The right kind of specialist can ensure the smooth running of your business and this is a sure guarantee that your company’s profits will increase.

There will be no need for you to worry about decreasing stocks due to computers that are not functioning properly.

New Programs

Technology is evolving at a very rapid rate.

There was a time when individuals could only communicate via landline phones. Back then, work areas were determined by physical cubicles and desks.

With the help of today’s technology, however, work areas are no longer restricted to physical boundaries. People can put in for work for any part of the world and for any company worldwide.

This is only possible because business telecommunications technology has enabled people to stay connected, no matter their physical location.

It is the job of IT specialists to be conversant with the latest technology and they have to make constant effort to keep up with trends.

By doing so, they know the right software programs to recommend to the business and also the best programs that will make operations easier.

Also, IT specialists can help a business with the evaluation process. They can do an analysis of the revenue stream and find out the financial standing of the company.

And if all a company is interested in is adopting new measures instead of the conventional pen and paper, IT consultants can help you make a smooth transition.

Different Hours

One of the special features of IT professionals and experts is that they do nor operate by the conventional office hours.

Therefore, if an individual is working late and he or she encounters technical difficulties, there is no need to wait till the next day before calling an IT specialist.

All the person has to do is ring up the company specialist and he will arrive in minutes to rectify the error.

Person To Person

Another advantage of having an in house IT specialist is that they provide a more personalised approach. Sometimes when you consult other professionals, you will have to do the bulk of the work yourself since all they do is give you instructions over the phone and you will be the one to execute it yourself.

With IT specialists, however, this is different. All they require is access to the company network or computer.

After the error has been rectified, they can then give you instructions over the telephone on how to prevent such an occurrence in the future. But that will be after they have corrected the error themselves.

The personalised approach is the most important reason for businesses to integrate IT specialists into their operations. 

With this article, you should realize that IT specialists do more than just provide technical support for Office 365. These specialists are an invaluable help in solving technical issues that may arise.